Friday, October 30, 2009

Damian DeWitt on G. Gordon Liddy today on recent momentous Scientology events - 10:30 am Eastern Time

Update: I just finished the show and will post a link to the podcast when it is up.

I spent most of the time talking about the French verdicts, the e-meter, which the G-man thinks is really screwy, and the Purification Rundown. I wanted to talk more about the Paul Haggis defection because I think that and the Van Sickle cases are the greatest the greatest threat to Miscavige and greatest hope for hastening the downfall of the Miscavige regime.

I spoke with the producer, and he is eager to have me speak again.


Just in time for Halloween I am giving an update on the G. Gordon Liddy Show today on David Miscavige's most horrible week of 2009 .

The G-man's show runs from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm Eastern time, and I should be on around 10:30 am.

You can listen live here.

Reminder: This is a conservative radio show.

Reminder: The joint effort of Anonymous and an increasing army of critics and defectors from David Miscavige's Church of Scientology is non-partisan.

Everyone needs to be part of putting an end to Miscavige's reign of violence and abuse, his repression of free speech on the internet, his coerced Sea Org abortions, and his destruction of tens of thousands of family relationships through disconnection.

I don't know how much time I will have, but will be talking at least about the French fraud convictions and the $1MM fines, Paul Haggis' defection, and the Tommy Davis' ABC Nightline walkout.

I also want to let people know about Marc Headley's new book Blown For Good: Behind the Iron Curtain of Scientology and point people to Jonny Jacobsen's blog Infinite Complacency as the best place to go for in-depth reporting and commentary.

I also want to let people know that there are important books just out by former Sea Org women: Bonnie Wood's Deceived - One Woman's Stand Against Scientology and Nancy Many's My Billion Year Contract.

This will be about the fifth time I have been on the show, but the first time I will be speaking as Damian DeWitt. Previously I have always spoken as "Anonymous".

The show contacted Why We Protest many months ago asking for some one from Anonymous to speak, and I volunteered. Though no one anonymous speaks for Anonymous, I felt it was appropriate (and cool) to speak as "Anonymous" since the request had come directly to Anonymous at WWP.

I have decided to speak as Damian DeWitt because I want to give people a chance to check in here at For Great Justice for commentary from an anonymous blogger on developments in the Church of Scientology's War on the Planet.

The G-man is a cool guy, and I am grateful he is giving his audiences a chance to hear about the collapse of the Miscavige regime as it unfolds.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Scientology Human Trafficking and Coerced Abortion Cases to Trial in November 2010

Larry Brennan has just reported that the cases of Marc and Claire Headley will be going to trial in November of 2010.

These cases are momentous and have huge potential for damage to Scientology. The essential cause of action in Marc's case is slave labor wages in the Sea Org - 100 hour work weeks for 39 cents an hour. Since there are about 5,000 Sea Org staff in the US David Miscavige would have to pay millions in lawful wages if he loses.

Claire's case is of significance on the coerced abortion issue. The latest word I have is that coerced abortions are not a matter for a jury. The Headleys attorney, Barry Van Sickle, has so designed the complaints that what is sought is an injunction against coerced abortions with no request for damages for emotional suffering. Thus, the court can respond with an injunction that could be settled in fairly short order long before the trial begins.

Here is Larry's post. What is most significant is the Plan for Discovery. Scientology has done everything to stop discovery in other cases, dreading the disclosure of what is sure to be a mountain of damning evidence.

The other fabulous thing is the plan for David Miscavige to be disposed along with Shelley Miscavige. Shelley Miscavige is David Miscavige's wife. No one knows where she is. He has apparently dumped her for his executive assistant Laurisse Stuckenbrock whom he brings to car races with Tom Cruise.

He had her husband Uwe Stucknbrock sentenced to the RPF Gulag when he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis where he died last year as I have written about previously. In typically cruel fashion, Scientology stymied his grieving brother Markus' attempts to find out any information about his brother's death, like whether he died alone.

Here is Larry's post from the Ex-Scientologist Forum. RTC is the Relgious Technology Center of which Miscavige is the Chairman of the Board. CSI is the Church of Scientology International. Both are defendants in the cases. Emphases are mine:

This is a brief partial update on the Claire Headley vs. RTC and CSI case as of October 2009.

This update covers the filing of one document in the case. Any more information to be released at this point re the case will likely be done by Marc or Claire as they deem relevant.

First of all, both Marc's and Claire's cases have been set for jury trail in November 2010.

A document recently filed in the case summarizing what the case is about, the main issues and the current state of the case can be found at the following link:

Of note, is the following from the filing:

from section D:

"Similarly, Plaintiff contends that not only is the business nature of RTC and CSI relevant, inurement to the boss is also relevant. This would include, in Plaintiff’s view, that the driving goal is to make money and that the wealth of the Scientology enterprise inures to the benefit of its sole leader, David Miscavige. Plaintiff submits that the financial power, significant salary, hidden income, and benefits of running the Scientology empire show the commercial nature of the enterprise and that it is the personal business of Mr. Miscavige. Defendant presumably disagrees".

from section J:

Plaintiff plans to take the depositions of David Miscavige, Shelly Miscavige, and the depositions of witnesses disclosed by defendant or suggested by documents produced in discovery.

Plaintiff will seek financial records of defendants including records of sales, license fees, trade secret agreements, contract work, salaries, and inurement to David Miscavige. Plaintiff will also seek documentation of the license agreements and similar documents under which RTC and CSI control access to the trademarks, copyrights and purported trade secrets of L. Ron Hubbard.....".

Also of note is this from section S:


This case has unusual issues. There are now a large number of former workers who have potentially relevant evidence, however, an unknown number of the former workers, and potential witnesses, are afraid to speak out. Some have signed “confidentiality’ agreements with penalty clauses labeled liquidated damage agreements, and believe that they can be sued for telling the truth about their scientology adventure. (Plaintiff was forced to sign such an agreement when she was demoted from RTC.) There are potential witnesses who have been essentially bought off with forgiveness of purported debt known as “freeloader debt. At least one witness is not in this suit because of threats made against his family relationships. There are witnesses who reasonably believe they will be declared suppressive persons and labeled “fair game” if they testify for Plaintiff.

Plaintiff contends that defendants should be forced to disclose the persons involved in this activity, the identity of potential witnesses and claimants contacted the identity of all who signed agreements or waivers of this nature, and all of the documents and purported confidentiality agreements generated by this inappropriate activity. Plaintiff may then move for relief and seek an order that will assure witnesses that they cannot be penalized thousands of dollars for serving as witnesses in this case".

Separate to this filing, a partial witness list has been made for the upcoming trial. It is extensive but is not being included here due to concerns for the privacy of the witnesses. I waive my own right to this privacy and list here what is included in that private filing under my name:

"Larry Brennan:

Former high executive knowledgeable on historical development of scientology corporate structure, and reasons for “church” to have elaborate corporate structure to hide control, assets, true management structure and similar attempts to present misleading facade to public. Also took part in efforts to shield operations and scientology orgs by use of religious cloaking. Knowledgeable on wide range of scientology topics based on his management experience. Also knowledgeable on Hubbard writings".

This is as much as I can update the cases right now. Again, anything more will either also be a public record or will likely be released by Marc or Claire as they see fit.

Stay tuned for what IMO will be an announcement of additional litigation involving David Miscavige, the abusive leader of organized scientology who is behind all of this.

- Homeward Bound


Larry adds in a post at Why We Protest:

This in my opinion is going to be one hell of a case that shakes the rafters of organized scientology and its abusive trafficking in humanity. As will Marc's, Laura's and more to follow shortly.