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Markus Stuckenbrock: Just exactly how bad was Uwe Stuckenbrock's situation?


There is absolutely no heart and love in this church - Markus Stuckenbrock

The world of Scientology watchers was shocked at the death of Uwe Stuckenbrock just two months ago on October 7. The news was broken by a frantic plea from his brother Markus - Please help me to get more information about the suffering and death of my brother .

Uwe died at the age of 46 from Multiple Sclerosis after a long decline over eleven years. His wife Laurisse left him after he was diagnosed, and the couple were ordered to divorce by head of the Church David Miscavige. She is now a high-powered assistant to Miscavige, accompanying him, among other places, to car races with Tom Cruise.

In the case of other staff members of the Sea Org, people with degenerative diseases would sometimes be off-loaded to a family or nursing home. Uwe knew too much. He was the head of security for the Gold Base (also known as International or INT Base). the West Coast Kremlin of organized Scientology. Here under the thumb of David Miscavige are the offices of the Church of Scientology, its propaganda and intelligence apparatus OSA (the Office of Special Affairs), and its front organizations. It is also the stage for Potemkin village productions of utopian Scientology happiness for Tom Cruise and other celebrities. Uwe knew too much and was kept under tight control of the RPF (Rehabilitation Project Force). until he died.

In the days and weeks that followed Uwe's death, Markus was overwhelmed by the outpouring of sympathy and support for him and his family from Anonymous, ex-Scientologists, and critics. Anonymous Germany contacted Ursula Caberta at the Scientology Workgroup in Hamburg who facilitated communications with German consulates in the US. Activists went into in high gear. Markus asked them to cool it out of respect for his family and until more details became available. Markus' father is an active Scientologist in Stuttgart, and sadly, has dutifully acted out his role to "handle" Markus.

Uwe's death has been confirmed by Markus to be a cruel tragedy of heartless medical neglect by organized Scientology. As he says, "There is absolutely no heart and love in this church." Taking responsibility for the damage caused Uwe and thousands like him is the appeal that Scientologist Mac Stevens has made with his letter to fellow Scientologists written on December 5, the anniversary of the death of Lisa McPherson, the very icon of martyrs to Scientology's medical malpractice. He has followed that up with a Petition to Take Responsibility for the Crimes and Wrongdoings of Scientology, a first draft of which is posted on Ex-Scientologists Message Board. Both documents call on Scientologists and former Scientologists to take responsibility for the damage their church has caused.

Medical malpractice is emerging as a salient issue in calling Scientology to account. Prior to the death of Uwe Stuckenbrock we had the appointment of anti-psychiatry warrior John P. Coale to the Board of the University of Maryland Medical System. Medical Ethicist and physician Howard Brody M.D. PhD. of the University of Texas Branch Institute of Medical Humanities was deceived into an interview by Scientology's anti-psychiatry front group, CCHR (Citizens' Commission for Human Rights) in making their most recent anti-pyschiatry propaganda DVD, Making A Killing. On his blog Hooked: Ethics, Medicine, and Pharma, Professor Brody recently issued a Public Announcement Regarding New Documentary by Scientology-related Group denouncing their deception and intransigence. One can only hope that the Volunteer Ministers descending on Mumbai with 10,000 copies of the Way to Happiness and their touch assists spare its traumatised people the sort of medical malpractice we have seen in the deaths of Lisa McPherson, Uwe Stuckenbrock, and thousands of others.

Medical malpractice ties all of the events together. Markus, who is a medical orderly, exposes eloquently the "arrogant amateurism in pure form" that attended the decline and death of Uwe Stuckenbrock in
Just exactly how bad was Uwe Stuckenbrock's situation?

Markus' reporting and explication are so important I am reproducing them here for wider circulation. One really wonders if Scientology celebrities know things like this are happening. It strains credulity that Tom Cruise and Greta Van Susteren do not know what is going on. It is shocking to entertain the notion they know and have completely rationalized patent medical malpractice and neglect, "arrogant amateurism in pure form" as Markus puts it.

Editor's note: I have corrected spelling errors, but otherwise left Markus' text intact

Just exactly how bad was Uwe Stuckenbrock's situation?

Here is what I know about Uwe's Situation in the RPF.
-he blew the Sea Org in 1997 after his wife Laurisse left him because of his MS.
-Laurisse told him not to be so stupid and leave Scientology - then he came back in the hope that she will not leave him. A few weeks later he got the divorce letter - never able to speak to her again.
-he was assigned to the RPF but did not agree with it!(1997)
-we were informed about his MS in 2002 at least 5 years too late!!
-my mother tried everything to help Uwe 2002-2003 with the newest medicine from Germany - but all was blocked from LA.
-they lied to us that they were trying all possible treatments and that he just started a new one and that he will soon show some improvement.The new one was for example just another alternative water treatment with absolutely no effect on his aggressive kind of MS.
-we always had to call him to find out how he was doing. Uwe promised to visit us in 1996. Because he wanted to see his three nieces. I have two girls and my sister one. Then he promised to come for sure in May 1997 - he didn't come and he told us that he can't go because the Sea Org fears that he could blow. We even offered him to pay the flight - but he never came back to his home in Germany.......
-when he was getting worse it was even harder to reach him. Sometimes I called three times before he (was allowed?) called (to call) back.
-my father always told me that Uwe is working on secret material and that this is the reason for this "bad communication".
-I first recognized that Uwe's health is really worse was just after my mother died. She had cancer and it was clear that she will not survive the next two days. So I called to LA and asked if Uwe please could call back in order to speak to her a last time. But Uwe did not call back. I called there about ten times until I was in such a rage that I screamed on them on the phone that our mother is dying and they just give me their bla bla etc. then Uwe called back just a few minutes after our mum passed away. And this was the very first moment I recognized how bad he was doing. He hardly could control his words.
-after this I tried one more year to get information by calling in LA. I only got "good food, nice weather" statements about my brother's situation. And they always promised to keep us informed. But we only got information when we called there.
-I felt so helpless and this made me so angry that I decided to give the responsibility to my father Dieter Stuckenbrock- he was and is still active in Stuttgart Org and so is his third wife Katrin Stuckenbrock. Her mum was in the Sea Org in the US at that time and I thought that maybe this connections will help to get good information and some help to Uwe.
-guess what - my father did not know anything about the severe situation of his son Uwe. But he promised me to look after him and keep me informed.
-he called me once and gave me another "good food, nice weather" information and promised me that the guy who cares for Uwe will keep us informed at least every two weeks. But we never got any information.
- last year my father told me that he visited Uwe in LA it was again the typical all is fine information but in my fathers eyes I could see that Uwe must have been in a really bad condition.
- after my dad called me on October 8. in order to tell me that Uwe has died I was looking for some information about his funeral in LA. And what I found was the letter of the RPF Insider. Before I thought Uwe was a high ranking Sea Org member in good standing - but what I found out by contacting people via internet who lived and suffered with him in the RPF was a total different reality. I was so stupid all those years!
- I started my help thread on ESMB and since then my father visited me four times in order to handle me. I have never seen him so long and so often all of my life. But he only comes to handle me and this is the saddest part of this story. He is not able to see that Scientology has killed his son Uwe and is not able to see that his last son of his first wife needs his love. Much more important to him is still this heartless Church full of Zombies!
-the person who was not informing us was a guy called Allan Poval. As fas as I know he was the person who "cared" for my brother. Well I have to ask: What was his qualification for doing this? And in my opinion he did not do it well. You can tell this to your aunt. They seem to care but they don't have a clue what it means to care. In my opinion it is dilettantism in pure form. I found about 50 other stories in the net to proof this!
-Uwe's wife Laurisse is now DM's secretary and I even found one source in the net where somebody said that Shelly M. was very concerned and angry about the relationship between her husband and Laurisse Stuckenbrock. And as you know she also disappeared.
-my greatest fear is that one of my three stepbrothers will come in a similar situation as Uwe and if this would happen and by then I would have not published about Scientology what I know now - then I'm sure that would make me crazy.

This story is so weird I still can't believe it!

We have to change something right now!



Markus added further details in a second post.

-we were told that Uwe is not longer able to make a journey with a plane in 2005
-my father asked me what he can do that I stop to investigate this matter:
I told him he can organize all the medical files of Uwe so that I can exactly find out which treatment he was getting in which period of time and what kind of qualified personal was involved.
-This was 9 weeks ago and I still haven't seen one piece of paper. If they have nothing to hide so why are they not able to send this files.

He also made these important responses to other posters, revealing for the first time that he is a medical orderly.

You must know I'm a medical orderly and I'm working with handicapped people for about 20 years now. There are many things even a good guy can't know when he tries to help someone with a severe illness as Uwes MS. For example the proper care of the skin is very important in order to avoid pressure ulcers etc. And above all the blue building was definitely not the appropiate place to live for Uwe! A very very long time not even in a separated room but in mass quarters together with about 50 men. This is what I call arrogant amateurism in pure form. Caused by a man who implanted to his followers that Scientology can handle everything. There is absolutely no heart and love in this church and even common sense was missing completely among the members who observed or were aware of Uwe's situation. For me this is just insane!!

Some of the response posts highlighted the fact that there were humane people helping Uwe within an abusive system. Markus responded:

I did not want to accuse you for posting this. I'm so glad, that Uwe had some people who cared for him in this stressful situation. And I have to thank them very much for doing this. But on the other side I never can understand how somebody could watch something like this going on and not starting a revolution and I will never understand why they did not communicate with us over here in Germany about Uwe's situation.

It is to be noted that Markus Stuckenbrock has called for a revolution.

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Thoughtful said...

Allan Poval failed on several different posts, and got busted down to being a handyman and bus driver at Golden Era Productions. Allan was a nice person, but no doubt he was assigned to this duty because he was unsuitable for any more important job. According to policy set by David Miscavige, Sea Org management looks at sickness and death as little more than a distraction to "production." I'm sorry Uwe died. Obviously he was under the suppressive influence of David Miscavige and that is enough to kill anyone.