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Helena Kobrin - the face that launched
Scientology's Long War Against The Internet
on January 11, 1995

June 21, 2008 marked the sixth anniversary of the Anonymous Insurgency against the Church of Scientology's Long War Against The Internet. The sudden appearance of Anonymous has been startling. 10,000 anons have been carrying on a successful insurgency both in the streets and on the internet for six months.

This is a new campaign in the Church's on-going war against society and human rights that began in 1950 when L. Ron Hubbard published Dianetics. Corporate Scientology declared war on the internet on January 11, 1995, when Helena Kobrin, top Scientology lawyer and Queen of Mean, attempted to delete the entire Usenet news group alt.religion.scientology, the main site critical of Scientology at the time. Though the Church had been harassing a.r.s since its inception in 1991, Kobrin's audacious attempt at complete destruction of critical voices on the internet fittingly marks a date for the beginning of Scientology's assault and war against the internet.

L. Ron Hubbard exhorted his followers to seize control of all domains of power within society. Scientology initially succeeded spectacularly in its attempt to control the government in the 1970's through its notorious Operation Snow White, which fielded more than 4,000 covert agents. It also succeeded in winning a long war with the IRS, most probably, through corporate obfuscation, religious cloaking, massive perjury by David Miscavige, the head of the Church. The seduction of Tom Cruise and other celebrities is an ongoing operation to achieve control over Hollywood.

Fortunately, in 1977 Operation Snow White ended with the conviction of eleven high-ranking Scientology executives, including Hubbard's wife, Mary Sue, whom he sacrificed to save his own skin. In its war against the media, which Hubbard called "merchants of chaos", The Church seized control of the domain of the national media by flooding Time magazine with lawsuits for its 1991 cover story "Scientology: the Cult of Greed and Power". Its author, Richared Behar was savagely fair gamed to intimidate the entire press into silence. Only the bravest of journalists have dared to speak again.

The rise of the internet created a new domain and challenge to Scientology's iron imperative of infiltration and control of the institutions of national life. We will further examine the major nodes in Scientology's internet war to give a context to understanding the Anonymous insurgency.

To be continued pro magna justitia.


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