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Grovelling before David Miscavige: Chuck Beatty on the Truth Rundown in Scientology's RPF

In the Counterknowledge article by number6 Scientology 101: What is the Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF)? prominent Scientology critic Chuck Beatty has posted a comment that deserves to be widely read and not buried so we are reproducing it here.

Besides being endlessly available to all manner of people seeking help and truth, Beatty is a scholar of great intellectual humility. He modestly presents us with a suggested research program on the Truth Rundown in the RPF. In doing so he reveals its shocking core.purpose: tracking down any "false vilification" of David Miscavige and eradication of all such thoughts from the minds of RPF'ers.

Beatty has called for the release of Hubbard's Truth Rundown writings into the public domain for research. 2008 has witnessed many important internal church documents becoming publicly available. We hope the Truth Rundown materials will soon be among them.

Chuck Beatty:

Someone needs to research the "Truth Rundown" which is arguably the most important "spiritual" therapy that one cooperatively delivers and receives with one's RPF partner. This "Truth Rundown" the name broadcasts the irony of it. Hubbard's authorization of such bold names to his spiritual rundowns is classic L. Ron Hubbard. The "Truth Rundown" is second only in such crassness, to another Hubbard rundown called the "Superpower Rundown." But on the RPF, one spends arguable one's MOST concerted redemption focus on the "Truth Rundown." It MUST be researched in detail, someday, and it alone will stand to show just how close Hubbard's Scientology spiritual therapy (fraud therapy) is to brainwashing. I hope to hell someone gets the Truth Rundown writings of Hubbard out into the public domain, and that some advanced Scientology observer does the homework and research.

Most troublesome, is this exact scenario. The Truth Rundown deals with a Sea Org member's false vilification of one of the Sea Org's top ranked executives. In particular, any false vilification of David Miscavige, would be addressed by the person on the RPF.

Realize it is only the top ranked people who have years of dealings with Miscavige, intimate day to day dealings on various Sea Org strategic big and small administrative and otherwise dealings, that a Sea Org member might encounter David Miscavige's irrational and explosive temper tantrums.

Well, if a Sea Org member who was overwhelmed and physically abused by Miscavige were to be sent to the RPF, they likely have some instances of them "falsely vilifying" Miscavige.

But Miscavige deserves to be vilified.

But people are made to do their Truth Rundown therapy processing, and change any harbored ill feelings for Miscavige to glowing good thoughts for Miscavige.

This subject, David Miscavige, he's supposed to be a good guy.

People on the RPF, who have BAD experiences with Miscavige are made to change their thoughts.

This is roughly how the Truth Rundown is brainwashing, in that harbored ill feelings that Sea Org members HAVE (rightly) for David Miscavige are attempted to be "redeemed" out of them, on the Truth Rundown.

Hubbard didn't entertain the thought that he, or that his supreme leaders/executives could be wrong.

Hubbard's extremist therapy processing leads to thought crime eradication, in that a person would have to change their "viewpoint" from a bad viewpoint to a good viewpoint, in order to succeed in completing the Truth Rundown.

This is brainwashing.

Chuck Beatty
ex Sea Org (1975-2003)
I did two stints on the RPF:
Feb 88 - May 88
Jul 1996 - Mar 2003
I loved the RPF hard work, hated the mind f-ing Hubbard fraud therapy

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Anonymous said...


(...continued from

Sacrifice a baby to Satan? What the Hell was Tory Magoo talking about?
I thought all those rumors of LRH's connection to Ancient Black Magick
was part of the Black PR campaign LRH designed to "discredit himself",
and therefore control all sides of the Pro/Anti Scientology debate. At
least that's what Kristy Alley told me.

And now here I am, wearing a Guy Fawkes mask which belonged to the
still warm corpse "Anon-Anchovie", entering an innocent looking
station wagon with OSA's #1 Black PR Specialist, Tory Magoo herself.

"...Why so low on the Tone Scale, John?" Magoo asked, as she steered
the vehicle away from what remained of the protest. It seems like once
Tory left, Anonymous had no other reason to stay. "This is the
promotion you've been waiting for."

John? Who is John? I reached into "Anon-Anchovie's" wallet and
withdrew his ID card. John Dagon. I recognized the name. Now it was
making sense. John Dagon is a writer who claims that the Church of
Scientology is suppressing his new book.

I quickly summed up the new information which I now knew for sure:
John is an undercover OSA agent. He was to be promoted within OSA for
his work in publishing "My Complex", a new Black PR masterpiece for
stirring up controversey. As "John", I was now going to witness this
event first hand--if I didn't escape. I was sent in to disrupt the
protest, not to infiltrate the people supposedly working for my own

Tory Magoo continued to speak, although there was a distinct lisp this
time "...David MisCthonic once told me that the 'fastest way to the
top of the Bridge of Total Libation' was to 'go apostate and attack
the Church with personal testimony". I nodded my head and lit one of
John's cigarettes through a hole which he had drilled into one side of
Guy Fawke's face.

I kept asking myself, what did any of this have to do with killing

"Tory," I asked, "why do they have to kill the baby?"

She just laughed. "John, how many times have we done this already? LRH
Almighty, you always act like such a greedy little bastard. It's YOUR
PROMOTION, so of course YOU are guest of honor."

The car paused at a red light, and she faced me directly. Her lisp
became even more apparent and she continued, "Of course, the Angry Gay
Pope will officiate over the proceedings, but you alone will be in
charge of the impaling. And YOU will get first taste..." Her tongue
took on a life of it's own and split into two distinct, green tinged
and rough textured points.

At this point, I recall feeling like I was going to shit John's pants.
Her eyes were as yellow as her nicotine stained fingertips as she
reached into her purse and extracted a dirty metal object and pressed
it into my hands. I stared at it's surface, covered in what appeared
to be dried chocolate syrup.

The car lurched forward, Tory's face suddenly became normal again. The
object looked like a Swiss-Army Knife combined with a turkey-baster.
As I considered Tory's words, I finally understood what this thing
was. It was a combination sacrificial blade, syringe, and drinking

This instrument was a baby killing blood extraction device. Whether
this means that OSA is the enemy of Scientology or not, and whatever
their level of involvement in the "Anonymous" movement, I had not the
faintest idea.

The only thing I knew for certain was that, wherever Tory was taking
us, there was a baby in need of saving.

Tom Newton
( be continued)