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Scientology: Holocaust Denial or Just Anti-Semitic?


Anonymous Hamburg has just posted an astonishing interview with a German Scientologist in which he speaks of Jews as having "total control of the planet" and denies that Germany has " committed the most gruesome crime in all of the World's history". As the quotations from The German Criminal Code in English and German at the beginning of the interview indicate, Holocaust denial in Germany is a punishable offense:
StGB (German Criminal Code) §130 - Incitement to hatred, Section 3:
(3) Whosoever publicly or in a meeting approves of, denies or downplays an act committed under the rule of National Socialism of the kind indicated in section 6 (1) of the Code of International Criminal Law, in a manner capable of disturbing the public peace shall be liable to imprisonment of not more than five years or a fine.
The video does not mention the name of the Scientologist being interviewed, and it is unclear whether he will be prosecuted for Holocaust Denial. However, the incident points up the conspiracy-theory paranoia of Scientology's Weltanschauung and its susceptibility to anti-Semitism.

Hubbard considered Judaism along with other religions to be false alien implants in human consciousness and aberrations to be removed from human beings by Scientology's process of counseling called auditing.

In contradiction to its humanistic public assertions that one can be a Jew and a Scientologist at the same time, the reality hidden from the public is that Jewish religious beliefs and practices have to be abjured in order to advance up Scientology's Bridge To Total Freedom.

Scientology makes no secret of its plans to destroy psychiatry and replace it everywhere in the world with Scientology in its efforts to Clear the Planet. Psychiatry, of course, is irrevocably associated with the name of Sigmund Freud, the best known Jew in the world after Jesus, Albert Einstein, and Karl Marx.

Scientology pins the blame for the Holocaust on psychiatry. The reasoning is that psychiatry early on condoned eugenics, and that German psychiatrists instituted programs to first destroy the disabled and then the Jews as explained on Scientology's website:
As the stepchildren of the German dictator Bismarck and later Hitler and the Nazis, psychiatry and psychology formed the philosophical basis for the wholesale slaughter of human beings in World Wars I and II. Psychiatry uses electric shock, brain-mutilating psychosurgery and mind-damaging drugs to destroy a person and make him "docile and quiet" in the name of "treatment." ...

Scientology and psychiatry will always be working at cross-purposes. Scientology is a religion and recognizes that man is a spiritual being. Psychiatrists view man as an animal. Psychiatry is strongly opposed to all religions as it does not even recognize that man is a spiritual being.
Scientology also uses Jews and the Holocaust in their propaganda against the German government. The German government decided to take seriously Scientology's stated intent to gain control over the government and social institutions of the nations of the world and replace all psychiatric, religious, academic, and organizational practices with Hubbard Technology. It has placed it under special surveillance by the Office for the Defense of the Constitution (Verfassungschutz). It lists Scientology as one of its six major fields of work on its website alongside radical Islam and right and left wing extremism.

Scientology claims immunity from scrutiny and criticism of its ideology and practice as a matter of freedom of religion. It asserts its practices are religious and therefore beyond questioning. It is relentless in its attacks on its critics and offers no defense to the rising mountain of evidence of its routine human rights abuses such as coerced abortion and human trafficking alleged in former Scientologist Claire Headley's complaint filed recently in Los Angeles and practices of coercion and intimidation revealed in John Duignan's recently published The Complex.

A major tactic in its attack on the German government has been to assert a parallel between itself being scrutinized by the government and the treatment of Jews under Hitler's Nazi regime. The German government is a new Third Reich bent on the destruction of Scientologists and any one who dares criticize it is shouted down as another Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's evil genius Minister of Propaganda.

Cruise's appearance in the recent film Valkyrie was intended to reinforce the equations: Good guys = Scientologists . Bad guys = Nazis and critics and opponents of Scientology. Cruise subsequently let it be known that he would have tried to kill Hitler. German political satirist Klaus said that with this new found courage after the fact "he is now a Hyper-Thetan-Mega-Alpha-Male in Scientology". Comedian Michael Mittermeier quipped "For me the Fuehrer of Scientology would be enough!"

Scientology launched a Never Forget campaign in 1997 against the German government. Frank Rich of the New York Times wrote:
Two weeks ago, 34 show-business heavies, ranging from Goldie Hawn, Dustin Hoffman and Oliver Stone to studio heads, signed a $56,000 full-page ad in The International Herald Tribune scolding Chancellor Helmut Kohl of Germany for his Government's "shameful pattern of organized persecution" of the Church of Scientology. Drawing parallels between today's Germany and Nazi Germany, the "open letter" ominously added: "In the 1930's, it was the Jews. Today it is the Scientologists."

In a word -- Oy! This proclamation has provoked outrage not only from German officialdom but from Jewish leaders like Ignatz Bubis, president of Germany's Central Council of Jews, who called it "insulting to the memory of the [Holocaust's] victims." Back home, Abraham Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League also protested Hollywood's missive as "ludicrous" and "an affront" to the six million dead. "Even after 'Schindler's List,' they're totally ignorant," says Mr. Foxman of the ad's participants.
After this footbullet Scientology eventually dropped the campaign, but it continues to routinely invoke Nazi comparisons in smearing its critics, as Jewish TV psychiatrist Dr. Drew Pinksy learned when he advanced some tentative psycho-biographical remarks about Tom Cruise. His lawyer said: "The last time we heard garbage like this was from Joseph Goebbels." So the Jewish psychiatrist has now become a Nazi for speculating on the personality of a man who calls Jewish psychiatrists Nazis.

In his review Is Horrible 'Valkyrie' Tom Cruise's Nazi Apologia? Roger Friedman of Fox News points out that the viewer never sees Cruise giving a head-on Nazi "Heil Hitler!" salute and that the rest of the cast and environment have been de-Nazified as much as possible. "The purpose of all this de-Nazification of course is to trick us into thinking 'These are the good guys' when there weren't any good guys at all." To preserve Tom Cruise's image the film veers off into Holocaust Revisionism.

Except for the fact that Scientology believes that Judaism is false and must be replaced by Scientology, it is not notably anti-Semitic. No anti-Semitic equivalents of Hubbard's racist remarks have come to light. However, Hubbard, like the unknown Scientology anti-Semite of Hamburg, and Scientology as a whole, was given to conspiracy theories. Hubbard believed twelve men controlled the world; the Hamburg anti-Semite believes "Judea" declared war on Germany in 1933; Scientology believes that psychiatrists are engaged in a vast conspiracy against it including bank-rolling noticeably shoe-string Anonymous protest operations.

A cabal of rich men who control the world - sound like any anti-Semitic stereotype you know of? Any organization that believes psychiatrists are out get them and are handing out cash to 18-year old protesters in Guy Fawkes masks is quite capable of believing that Jews control the world and that Nazi Germany was not guilty of committing "the most gruesome crime in all of the World's history." You see, they didn't kill all that many Jews.

What's next? A Scientology - Neo Nazi alliance?

Scientology and anti-Semitism from caekisalie on Vimeo.

Anonymous Israel is preparing has prepared a Hebrew sub-titled version of the Scientology and anti-Semitism video.

סיינטולוג בכיר מכחיש את השואה from Anon Imouse on Vimeo.

Update: Death By 1000 Papercuts have re-published this article in -

Scientology: Anonymous Uncovers Church’s Bizarre Antics Regarding Hitler and the Holocaust


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סיינטולוג בכיר מכחיש את השואה

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הרבה תודה, חבר -Many thanks, Chaver!

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איזה אידיוט! שיסגרו את הכת הזאת כבר!!!!
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Lol.... Jews are trying to destroy scientology because it is going against their global reign. Im sure with all the hebrew typing here you all know this though. Hitler was nothing compared to what is yet to come.