Thursday, April 9, 2009

Second Coerced Abortion Lawsuit vs Scientology


Anonymous has issued a press release concerning the filing of a legal complaint by Laura Dieckman, a woman in her late twenties who left the Sea Org in 2004. The complaint is filed under her married name, Laura DeCrescenzo while in the Sea Org. She is now divorced from her husband,

This is the second coerced abortion complaint filed against Scientology since January 2009 . Claire Headley wife of former Sea Org staffer Marc Headley also has filed a complaint for labor working conditions and compensation violations.

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On April 2, 2009, Laura DeCrescenzo filed a complaint against the Church of Scientology International, claiming:

1. rescission of unlawful and fraudulent instruments;

2. unpaid wages and breaches of labor laws;

3. discrimination and invasion of privacy, including illegal use of lie-detectors on staff;

4. human trafficking;

5. intentional infliction of emotional distress; and6. obstruction of justice.

At age 10, Laura was a full-time staff member. At 12, she left her home in New Mexico, without her parents, and moved to California to join Scientology's elite Sea Organisation, signing a contract to serve for one billion years.

At 17, Laura was coerced into having an abortion. She was told that to have the child she was pregnant with would be "out-ethics", a Scientology term meaning "unethical", because it would interfere with her work for the Church.

Finally, in 2004, Laura swallowed bleach to make the Scientologists think she was suicidal. The ploy worked, and allowed Laura to escape without undergoing the lengthy and tortuous procedure of “routing out”.

The suit comes as a further blow to the Church of Scientology following suits alleging labor law violations issued in January 2009 by Marc and Claire Headley.


Laura De Crescenzo's Story by Journalist Jonny Jacobsen: http://infinitecomplacency.blogspot....s-lawsuit.html

Laura De Crescenzo's Complaint filed April 2, 2009:

Laura's Story as originally told at :

Marc Headley's Amended Complaint:

Claire Headley's Amended Complaint:

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