Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Scientology's beachhead in Brussels at the heart of the European Union


Grandiose Scientology Commercial Center opening in the heart of the European Union in Brussels.  

 Belgian televisision station RTL has an eye-opening report on organized Scientology's opening of "a veritable supermarket of religious business". Scientology faces indictment as an allegedly fraudulent criminal organization that could lead to its dismantling there. (See translation below)

The website of the International Association of Scientologists (IAS), to which all Scientologists must belong and to which they are required to make substantial donations, reports:.

Thus, with assistance from the IAS, new facilities were acquired in Brussels to be the home of a greatly expanded Church of Scientology International European Office for Public Affairs and Human Rights.  These facilities are within walking distance of the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers of the European Union. It is an ideal location from which Scientology’s solutions can be presented to the leaders of Europe, and from which human rights can be forwarded at a pan-European level. 

The new offices contain displays of every facet of Scientology and its social betterment activities. Integrated into the design of the building is a permanent “What is Scientology?” display which presents basic precepts of Scientology. Other displays show the international accomplishments of Scientology-related organizations, including reforms in the field of mental health, investigative journalism in the public interest and human rights activities. Hallways throughout the building are lined with proclamations and acknowledgements from cities, states and nations.

Etrange: les plans de la prochaine Eglise de scientologie à Bruxelles  


Strange: plans for the next Church of Scientology in Brussels  

Our colleagues at Le Soir have unveiled plans for the future temple of religious business designed by the Church of Scientology. Six levels, meeting rooms in the cellar, three cinemas, saunas, cafeterias, all on 2200 m². 
The next building of the Church of Scientology will be at numbers 100 to 103, Boulevard de Waterloo. The plans for this veritable supermarket of religious business carried out by a prestigious firm of architects in Atlanta: Gensler & Associated. Scientology has big plans: it's the same firm which designed the 632-meter high Tower of Shanghai, . 
The strange plans: 2.200 m² of offices  
Spread over six levels 2.200m ² there are offices, with saunas for purification according to the procedures ordained by Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology. The offices are fully computerized and contain rehearsal rooms and auditing by the electrometer. You do not know the term? Note that the electrometer is a device intended to measure, palm to palm, the disturbances in a person ... 
Two directions open to the Church 
At these premises, the same services will be offered which have already led to the initiation of prosecutions in 1997 and 2008 in Belgium. The Church is therefore the subject of two indictments for fraud, one of them determining the facts of illegal practice of medicine and pharmacy, breaching the law on privacy, and being a criminal organization. 



Anonymous said...

Leave medicine to the doctors.


Casual Observer said...

They use vitamins and minerals, a quite harmless "natural" substance. It doesn't fall in the category of medicine but is seen by them as benificial to the human body.
(posted 21/1/2010)