Sunday, June 21, 2009

Anonymous Iran

Anonymous began as a millennial generation revolt against Scientology's suppression of free speech on the internet. It has joined Pirate Bay in Sweden and members of the Pirate Party in opposing internet censorship in Europe, particularly in Germany.

Anonymous has also joined the movement for defense of free speech in Iran in these days of its murderous suppression when people are being killed for the right to tweet on Twitter.

Anonymous has established the Anonymous Iran forum as a meeting place for Iranians and free speech activists all over the world.

The forum has contributed cutting edge internet technologyand facilitated cross cultural cooperation. One cannot but be moved by the messages of support for Iranians and thanks to Anonymous from Iranians inside Iran and the heart-rending accounts they are posting as they manage to get messages out.

Anonymous has also set up a dedicated irc chatroom atirc:// which has been frequented by tens of thousands of users.

Anonymous activists have established the Anonymous Iran blog. Red.Heron writes of an email he received from a friend in Iran:

Says one part of my possibly final email from my friend
I go into an uncertain future, save one certainty: our friendship will last until the moment of my death. It is a shame that you have never accepted the Holy Word of the Prophet, peace be upon him. I only hope you continue to read the Holy Word, and that you understand the need for the blood of martyrs today. I hope that God permits the military and the police an opportunity to see Khamanei in the correct light, just as I wish this for myself. The Basiji are certainly not in God’s favor. Be well, and goodbye.
As I read these words, I am actually crying. I’m not a particularly religious person, but if there is a God, may he protect my friend.

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