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The Bubble Lounge - Anonymous Alliance For Great Justice


Here are the signs too faint to read: THE BUBBLE LOUNGE ROCKS!!! ERIC & SABAWUN FOR THE WIN !!! O HAI, RIHAN!!!


Recently a troll e-mailed the Anonymous forum at Why We Protest attempting to create bad blood between the Bubble Lounge and Anonymous in San Francisco, who are relentlessly raiding Scientology all over town with their lulzy signs and Guy Fawkes masks.

The Bubble Lounge is a classy champagne bar with locations in Tribeca in Manhattan, and right across from the Scientology "org" in San Francisco where Anon protests.

The Anonymous Intelligence Division (AID) opines this was a troll attempt by OSA, the Office of Special Affairs, Scientology's very own secret service agency. Whoever the agent provacatuer was, he managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

In fact, he should be toasted with glasses of the awesome Michel Loriot Blanc de Noirs for having created the Great Bi-Coastal Bubble Lounge - Anonymous Alliance For Great Justice .

Here is the failtroll's email regarding the Manager of the Bubble Lounge in San Francisco, Sabawun Kakar, which begins the thread on the Why We Protest forum False Rumour - San Francisco Raids Secretly Recorded by Bubble Lounge :

Next time you guys protest at the Church of Scientology be weary [sic] of the manager at the Bubble Lounge. He is secretly videotaping you guys from a distance and from the roof at the Bubble Lounge and turning in the footage to the Church. He is working with them directly because he doesn't like your protests and is in the beginning stages of becoming a Scientologist. His name is Sabawun Kakar and his phone number is (redacted). Just a loyal fan of you guys looking out. Good luck!!!

Some anons were furious at the alleged taping of anons by the Bubble Lounge; others thought this might be a troll.

After twelve posts in the thread and much to the surprise of its readers, Eric Benn, who is the co-owner of the Bubble Lounge at their New York location in Tribeca, posted this under the name Hellcat:

Well, well, well! Here I am, Eric Benn, Co-Owner of the Bubble Lounge SF and NY. Who ever started the filthy rumor that we are filming from the roof-top of the Bubble Lounge in order to provide the tapes to the scientology sect is a pathetic informant. If anyone has any questions about this he/she may call me directly at 212 674 8202. "Anonymous" accusations posted on this site are nearly as dangerous as what you're all fighting. Before posting such hateful comments y'all might want to first get informed before anyone innocent gets hurt, harassed (as Sabawun has for the past two days with crazy phone calls and threats), and/or embarrassed.

I won't be reading anything off this site, so don't bother responding here. If you really want to apologize you can write me at with a subject title "scientology nuts."

Best regards,

Eric Benn

(Emphasis added.)

To which the first anon response is:


Pwnon writes:

An anonymous tip to anonymous? Fucking win.

Several posts later Mr. 'I won't be reading anything off this site, so don't bother responding here" Hellcat makes his second appearance, begging for Anon love:

Hey, guys, the Bubble Lounge is a tavern. 15 hours ago was last night in San Francisco. We closed this morning at 2 AM. Last night and this morning - that's two days for the uneducated - Bubble Lounge employees have been getting nasty calls from people who read or post here.

On the bright side, I just received a very nice phone call from an "Anon" member in Washington. Now THAT'S brave, honest and certainly helps reduce the anger we have towards the original member who wrote his/her lies. Thanks to his call I'm actually interested in what "Anonymous" does -- might even get active too.

By the way, CoS bugs the hell out of us with their members accosting clients coming to or leaving the Lounge. And I personally despise its activities (CoS that is). So to the doubters of our word, why don't you just step up to the plate and give me a call?


Eric Benn
The Bubble Lounge

lol "Anonymous"

"Anon" members start to show Hellcat the love. Uber-Anon Gold Base Mega-Raider and DailyKos blogger Xenubarb writes:

We been trolled! Sorry for the inconvenience, Hellcat. Next time I'm in SF I will stop in at your fine establishment. Do you serve clams ?

Hellcat responds:

Xenubarb, no clams at the Bubble Lounge (Bubble Lounge Champagne Sparkling Wine Sophisticated, Elegant Bar, Relaxed Lounge Atmosphere, San Francisco New York SF NY how's that for cheap advertising?) but we do have other good stuff.

I'm very impressed by the numerous calls I received, and have learned a lot though this process. Thank you to those who wrote or called their support. I had no idea Co$ (as Subgenius appropriately names them) was so devious. Looks like Anonymous just got a new member!

Pardon my initial anger and harsh words, but the people I work with are dear to me -- and I tend to be overly protective when they are falsely accused.

Best regards to all who I hope to meet one day.



Lulzy convesation ensues about raiding and after-parties at the Bubble. Anons check out the Food & Appetizers, Champagne, Champers Cocktails and more (moar ?) .

LocalSP poses a thougtful question to the bi-coastal Bubble Lounge co-owner and new "Anon" member:

Maybe the scilons were going after both the Anons and the Bubble Lounge. Hey Eric ever piss off any of the local scilons?

Mr. "Just call me, bitches!!!" Hellcat now into his fourth post responds:

LocalSP, I'm a retired anarchist. An organization as regulated as Co$ ain't my cup of tea. So if I did piss'em off it's most likely because we have more "followers" than they do (at least in their SF fort); but not quite the same revenue I'm afraid.

Anonymous adds:

Start a 'religion' then hehe

"I'm a retired anarchist." [facepalm.jpg]

Subgenius sums ups Anon's new bi-coastal Bubble Lounge ally perfectly:

What a classy motherfucker.
And an anarchist.
He's an anon at heart.

The flood of new Anonymous Bubble Lounge Lizards begins:

Hey Eric,

I'm bringing in a group of six for champagne and oysters. Thanks for taking the time to come here and discuss this. Scientology just got itself a new critic, and Bubble Lounge just got itself some new customers.

Nice work, OSA :-P

Nice work Eric, Sabawun, and all you classy anarchist motherfuckers at the Bubble Lounge. Welcome to Anonymous. You are just our kind of people.

Did I mention how awesome their Michel Loriot Blanc de Noirs is?

I need to give a shout-out here to Lauren Smiley at SF Weekly and her recnt cover article on Yelp. Lauren embedded with Anonymous for three weeks in the turbulent summer of 2008 and wrote the excellent Scientology's Antagonists - SF Weekly

Her latest is on the power of Yelp to terrorize, among others, the bar and restaurant industries, which never dreamed anything could be worse than Michael Bauer. Now they are faced with a Web 2.0 army of the hated critic's replicants: Lauren Smiley in SF Weekly: Faux star reviews!

Your reporter stopped by and chatted with Anon's new ally, long-suffering SF Bubble Lounge Manager Sabawun Kakar. He's a cool guy from Afghanistan. I savored the Michel Loriot Blanc de Noirs he graciously offered me, and he confirmed that Yelp has indeed become the dominatrix of bar and restaurant criticism. You can check out BL's reviews and add your own yelps here for great justice.





Check out a San Francisco anon's stellar performance explaining Scientology's infiltration of the US government, coerced abortions, slave labor camps and moar, including the exciting breaking news on Lord Xenu, Galactic Overlord and Nemesis of Scientology.

It's all on the G. Gordon Liddy show, srsly.

Lefties: Fear not. The G-man is 78. On this show he listens, asks thoughtful questions and lets anon talk. Anon has a message for both parties: Don't have anything to do with Scientology.

Check it out:

G. Gordy Liddy Talks With Anonymous, the Church of Scientology’s Arch-Nemesis

Direct link to audio is here

Don't forget to send your comments to the show's Senior Executive Producer Franklin Raff:

Also don't forget to go to Amazon and order Irishman John Duignan's The Complex. Duignan made a daring escape from Scientology shaking off its secret service agents with disguises, safe house, false information - the whole spy vs spy thing.

This is a complelling story of Scientology's infiltrations and propaganda operations in the US, Europe and Africa. Not to be missed. Scientology has suppressed it in the UK. The Complex - an Insider Exposes the Covert World of the Church of Scientology by John Duignan





Michael Pattinson said...

U guys fun-bubbled my morning with your epic photos and the amazing champagne tech that healed the Lounge from being a Potential Bubble Source. LOL
Great job!

Quentin Hubbard said...

Anonymous is epic.

Anonymous said...

I have a blogger ID, but it's under my real name so I'm going with Anonymous today.

I've fallen in love with SF anons and wish to propagate the planet with their offspring!

Anonymous' hivemind is one of the most intelligent and efficient methods of disseminating information that I have ever seen! You should all be proud of yourselves! Y'all be teh awesome.

I'm still giggling over the PBS - potential bubble source!

Much love to you faggots,

Anonymous said...

Dear Diary,

For the first time in 35 years of watching the cult of $cientology, they finally are bringing people together ... and to drink champagne! Potential Bubble Sources may become Sippressive Persons! Thanks again for the bubble tech; the best yet!

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mind blown. brix shat.

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