Thursday, March 26, 2009

The passing of Pamela Pattinson


Pamela Pattinson and her son Michael

Pamela Pattinson, the mother of Michael Pattinson , one of the great figures of the Scientology-critical movement, has died in England. Her passing is of signficance for all who seek to put an end to the abuses of Scientology and to do justice for its victims. Light In The Darkness and For Great Justice extend their their condolences and prayers to Michael and his family.

Pamela Pattinson did not always clearly understand about Scientology and how it had entrapped her son. With unending love she supported him in the darkest days after he left Scientology, was defamed, and had his businesses destroyed by David Miscavige, OSA agents, and Kendrick Moxon and other Scientology attack lawyers.

Michael is known and loved for being among the Old Guard critics of Scientology who most understand and love anons and the culture of Project Chanology Anonymous. Another much beloved former Sea Org executive, Larry Brennan, who has blown the whistle on Scientology's religious cloaking program, posted a wonderful video in his response. Another hero of Project Chanology, attorney Graham Berry who was also defamed and had his law practice destroyed, left a touching message of condolence.

Pamela Pattinson was blessed to see her son Michael liberated from the cult. Another UK Mum, Susan Talbot , has yet to see her daughter Amanda Kember, mind-controlled prisoner of the cult's Sea Org in Los Angeles. As we pray for Michael and his family, let us continue to pray for Susan, Amanda, and all families separated by Scientology's abominable practice of disconnection. Here is Michael's post:

I just found out today that my mother (Pamela) passed away over in the UK. She had been suffering from cancer for a while and was ready to be rid of all the pain that went along with that. She was a great lady and did good wherever she went.

Why post here? She was one of my main moral supporters before, and while I was being attacked so fiercely by a scared DM, Moxon and OSA when I sued them in 1998. I had already been having a very rough time with OSA attacks since 1991
after OT8 and my daring to challenge the promises made, which destroyed all of my businesses and cost me everything in the end.

Anyway, my mother stood with me even though she was never a Scilon and did not fully get all that was happening. She gave me unwavering support, as did my dad and for that I am grateful. I honor her here today as a gentle and caring lady with a fighting spirit who knew that truth and freedom are worth defending. I am carrying that spirit onward.

There are many here who also hold such things as being worth the effort, and I honor all of you too. Not going to post more as screen is very blurry. Maybe I will get some nice caek.

Love U guise.


Larry Brennan:

I am sorry to hear of your loss Michael. IMHO there is no greater thing than the love, nurturing, kindness, creativity and true beauty that is associated with motherhood. I truly believe it is something that transends death.

Here is to your mother and to motherhood! May the beauty and love of Fae itself be with her and you. Wishing you everything good Michael,


PS: For you Michael and for your Mother. Let the Heavens rejoice :)

Graham Berry:

My dear Michael: Although we have just talked by telephone I wanted to also add my condolences to this thread.

My own mother was taken by cancer five years ago. As you know, I went to New Zealand and helped nurse her for the final six months. Although I did not realize it at the time, her passing sent me into a funk for the best part of a year. However, I was shocked that the world did not miss a beat when she died and just went on as before.

As I told you by telephone, many of us never really get over losing our Mom but time helps heal the hurt and the memories never fade. I think of her numerous times a day and
still feel her presence. You were fortunate she lived such a long life and was there to support you with unwavering, unquestioning and unconditional love, especially when you finally flew the cult's coop.

Her life, and your life, are "epic wins."We are all here for you with whatever you need.

With the warmest of wishes and love,


The most moving image was from FreakE420 :

Michael Pattinson is a wonderful artist. Please view his artwork and support him by buying his work and making him known among your networks.
All shall be well. All shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well. - Julian of Norwich.


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