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KESQ's Nathan Baca: Merchant of Chaos, Scourge of Scientology


If you want to watch a Peabody award in the making, read and watch everything Nathan Baca has been doing on Scientology vs Anonymous on the ABC- affiliate KESQ in Palm Springs.

Baca is in the middle of a stunning 12-part investigative series on Scientology's Gold Base international headquarters near Hemet, CA and its attempts to silence members of the Anonymous free speech and human rights alliance from protesting human rights abuses taking place at Gold.

Gold Base is also known as Int Base since it is the Kremlin, or world-wide headquarters, of Scientology. Scientology leader David Miscavige has his office there. surrounded by upper-level executives of his multi-nationial medical and psycho-therapeutic quackery empire.

Located at 19625 Gilman Springs Rd., Gold is the main base for Scientology's urgent campaign to Clear the Planet and its War on Psychiatry.

It sprawls over 500 acres on either side of Highway 79. It is staffed by 400 - 500 members of the Sea Org, Scientology's religious order of zealous serfs religious workers. Women Sea Org members are forced to have abortions if they get pregnant (because Scientology is too cheap to build facilities for families). All Sea Org staff are subject to punishment in the dreaded RPF's, the Rehabilitation Project Force hard labor and re-indoctrination camps.

In November, Scientology induced Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone to submit an amended protest ordinance designed to completely eliminate Anonymous' ability to protest. It established a ban on protesting within 300 feet of a targeted residence. Respected UCLA constitutional law professor Eugene Volokh has pointed out the unconsitutionality of the proposed ordinance. Attorney Scott Pilutik has analyzed the issues of coerced abortion and human trafficking raised in the recent legal complaint of former Sea Org Gold Base staffer, Claire Headley.

The ordinance has gone through several revisions. The clash between protesters and Gold Base security goons has been intense. Scientologists have blasted protesters with an ear-drum shattering "Gold Tone" played through loudspeakers. They attempted to pressure the Board of Supervisors into approving one draft of the proposed ordinance by staging a homophobic AIDS panic, revealing to country officials the HIV+ of three gay protesters.

Baca got involved in December and has burrowed in deep and broad. His series is not to be missed. His recent interview with Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis made big news. After years of denying the Xenu story, which is the basis for Scientology's money-making array of pseudo-counseling and self-improvement courses, Davis finally admitted its authenticity.

There are important interviews coming up with former Gold Base Sea Org members Jeff Hawkins and Maureen Bolstad. Maureen's twin sister is incardinated at Gold Base. All of Maureen's attempts to see her have been rebuffed by Scientology.

L Ron Hubbard hated the media, and called them "merchants of chaos". Watch out Scientology a storm of Nate Baca chaos is headed your way.

Links coutesy of LeakLicker at the Anonymous forum at Why We Protest.

Parts 6 and 7 of the KESQ's Scientology vs. Anonymous investigative reports will air on Wednesday, March 18th and Thursday, March 19th at 11PM.

Parts 1-5 can be viewed here:

The full 45-minute Tommy Davis interview can be viewed here:

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Here are Nate Baca's first and second reports to get you started:

Here are former Sea Org staffers talking about abortion. Some of these wonderful young women founded the Ex-Scientology Kids website and forum in 2008, after Anonymous exploded on to the scene.

And don't forget to listen to Anonymous (one of our For Great Justice community of writers) educating and surprisingly docile G. Gordon Liddy.

Lefties: Do not be alarmed. The G-man is 78. On this show he listens, asks thoughtful questions and lets anon talk.

Anon has a message for both parties: Don't have anything to do with Scientology, especially you, Governor Palin.

Check it out:

G. Gordy Liddy Talks With Anonymous, the Church of Scientology’s Arch-Nemesis

Direct link to audio is here

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