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Los Angeles: Scientology Family Cruelty Alert

Mums for Mandy

The Anonymous forum Why We Protest has reported news of a serious situation of family cruelty and probable human trafficking at Scientology's Hollywood Guaranty Building (HGB) at 6331 Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles.

Susan Talbot is a former member of the Church of Scientology (CoS) in the UK. She and other family members left CoS over ten years ago.

However, her daughter, Amanda Kember, remained, and was eventually assigned to work as a member of the Sea Org at HGB in Los Angeles.

Unknown to much of the general public is the fact that Scientology maintains a barbaric and immoral policy of religious shunning called disconnection. Under it, family members in Scientology are forced to completely severe communications of any sort with family members outside it if they speak up critically against Scientology. Any attempts at communication from family members are refused.

Since 2000 Susan Talbot has had no knowledge of whether her daughter Mandy was even alive until she happened to see a video of a HGB protest in November 2008. She wrote the night she saw it:

I am no longer married, I divorced in 2001, but still Mandy didnt speak to any of her family.

Her father died recently & I called the HGB, LAPD & all, but didnt get anywhere. Mandy never phoned the UK.

Tonight I was watching a video on You Tube, a flash raid at HGB in LA & I saw her, she was coming out of the HGB, but saw the guys outside & went back in the building.

She looked so gaunt & thin, that I just cryed & cryed & I cant do anything, I have tryed so hard over the years to get her out of there.

I have lost my daughter, Scientology has alot to account for, there overts & crimes are so suppressive. They are the SP's & I pray to God to help her get out of that brain washing cult.

The video was made by a protester from Anonymous known as Smurf, who is an ex-Sea Org member. Susan Talbot contacted him and expressed the desire to come and see her daughter.

Family members in the Sea Org are basically indoctrinated prisoners of the "sinister cult", to quote Mr. Justice Lakey of the London High Court. Scientology attempts to block contact with children in the cult. Where they deem it beneficial to allow contact to avoid public relations flaps, the child is carefully drilled to say everything is fine and that they are happy, in robotic Stepford Wives fashion.

Children, and here we are talking about an adult woman, if they can be reached at all are accompanied by a handler from OSA, the Office of Special Affairs, so that there is no private communication between parent and child.

Mandy may even be subject to being sent to a RPF (Rehabilitation Project Force ) penal facility in Los Angeles due to her mother's and Anonymous' attempts to contact her.

Scientology claims that the Sea Org is a religious order. This is no religious order. This is a totalitarian commercial empire run under policies and proceedures of eastern European communist regimes. Scientology's contempt and cruelty to families is blatant in this situation.

Scientology engages in the literal destruction of families through its policy of coerced abortion. In the eighties the executive management of organized Scientology decided it couldn't be bothered to build and maintain facilities for families. It decreed that there would be no families in Sea Org and that women have the choice either to abort or lose their jobs and be demoted to a lower organization.

Women from the Anonymous alliance are hosting Susan in her quest to see her daughter Mandy. They have established a blog Mums For Mandy where they are posting reports.

The Anonymous alliance is a loose coaltion of activists from Anonymous' Project Chanology ; human rights critics; and former Scientologists, ex-staffers, and ex-Sea Org members. Their demonstrations are referred to as raids, protests, or pickets.

The women have attempted to speak with Mandy since Wednesday evening and have been rebuffed. Attorney Graham Berry has issued an invitation to protests at HGB all day Saturday and Sunday and asked people to spread with the media about Susan Talbot's quest to see her daughter.
Mr. Fyde on the WWP thread has posted citations from the California Penal Code on human trafficking here.

Here is part of Susan's account from Mums For Mandy of being rebuffed by a security guard:

He finished the phone call and then said nervously, "You know the situation, and should respect Mandy's wishes."

"I don't really know what Mandy's wishes are, because I haven't spoken to her since 2000, but whatever they are, I would like
her to tell me. I don't know if she knows that her father recently died."

"Did you send her a letter?"

"No, I phoned and phoned and all of the members of my family phoned, but you guys never put me through to Mandy. I
just want to see my daughter."

At that point he repeated, "Write her a letter."

"What? I've just traveled 6,000 miles to write her a letter?"

The man then smirked, "Have a nice day."

The conversation was over, and British Mum walked out. A security guard followed her down the street.

What sort of church treats the distraught parents of its members as enemies? ______________________________________________
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Smurf said...

What makes this story even more tragic is the revelation I received today that Ms. Talbot has heart bypass surgery several months ago (which she was embarrassed to reveal) so all of this is having a major impact on this poor, lovely lady. My heart goes out to Ms. Talbot & god.. if I had 5 minutes in a private room with David Miscavige. grrrrr